The HV Morton blog grew, quite naturally, out of my original HV Morton web-site. My initial plan for the web-site was to build a simple, small site tacked on to the side of my work one, as much for my own reference as anything else. I included a number of fairly static pages: an introduction to Morton and my relationship with his works on the home page, a page dedicated to the HV Morton Society and another given over to his books. The main page was to be a slightly more dynamic one, entitled “Connections”, and was intended to be a laying-out of the way Morton connected with me personally as well as with the wider world, a project made much easier by the wonders of the internet. I imagined that I would include a couple of reviews and a few links that I had come across to web sites and articles with Morton connections, in order to provide a “jumping off point” for those interested in what information was available, and that would be an end to it. Surely, I thought, there can’t be that much more to write about him.

How wrong I was!

In fact, the more I looked, the more I found. The whole process was considerably enhanced by my almost reflex habit of typing “ctrl-F + MORTON” on pretty much every page of the internet I come across. Also, people started to contact me through the web site with fresh suggestions and further “Connections” while at the same time my membership of the HV Morton Society and its regular bulletins was providing me with yet more ideas and directions to go in.

Before long the Connections page had grown so big it was causing serious go-slows on my quietly protesting lap-top every time I tried to load the web-site software. So I decided to separate the Morton site from my work site and make it a distinct entity. That worked very well and things started running smoothly again. By this time however, some limitations were becoming apparent and the Connections page was beginning to assume a life of its own which wasn’t easy to accommodate with a web-site structure.

So the next step was a blog – and that’s where you are now! Connections always had aspirations in that direction – it was time to make it official.

To be clear, this blog is a completely separate entity from the HV Morton Society. Eagle eyed members may notice an occasional overlap between blog articles and society bulletins as I will, from time to time, reuse some of my own material, originally distributed to the membership. Rest assured though, that no material contributed by members of the HV Morton Society as bulletins will ever appear on this blog unless they have given their express permission. The vast bulk of society bulletins will continue to be found only in the password protected area of the Society section in the original web-site; only my own, or specially commissioned material will appear here, on the blog.

Niall Taylor October 2012

10 responses to “About

  1. manipledmutineer

    I notice that you have images of the covers of the Fulton Sheen/H.V. Morton collaborations ” This is the Holy Land” and “This is Rome” on your companion website. For my mother, who is a great admirer of Morton’s writing, I have obtained copies of both books. I was intending to give her them for Christmas and I would love to be able to create dustcovers for them using scans of the original illustrations . Is there any way you could send me scans which I could manipulate to size or direct me to a source? Many thanks.

  2. The Mod this year is returning to Fort William. I would like to include an extract from HV Morton’s book In Scotland Again. Who should I contact about gaining permission for this?

    • Hi Susan, glad to hear the Mod is returning to Fort William, Morton gives an account of a night of highland revelry he had there in the 1930s in one of his Scotland books. I’m not sure who you would approach regarding copyright, or whether you’d need it if it was a short extract. Methuen were/are his publishers in the UK so that would be a good place to start. Also, in the Glencoe visitors’ centre not far from you there was, up to a couple of years ago, an engraved quotation from Morton on a plaque. The folks who run the visitors’ centre might be able to tell you where or if they got permission for that. In the meantime I’ll see if anyone in the HVM society knows. All the best and I hope the Mod goes well. Niall

  3. Darryl

    Hi Niall
    My late father was an avid reader of HV
    I have 12/15 books, 3 1st ed, which I wish to give away
    Could you point me in the right direction to a good home?
    Regards, Darryl

  4. H.V. Morton wrote the introduction to John Gibbons’ book “Tramping To Lourdes”, published by Methuen in 1929.

  5. Thanks, Charles, I’ll try and track down a copy.

  6. Carolyn McLees

    Hello Niall,
    Sorry to post on this thread as this isn’t a response to the posting above.
    I have a question about how to join the HV Morton Society as the links to both your email and for downloading the application are broken or disabled.

    • Hi Carolyn, sorry the links didn’t work for you. If you’d like to drop me an email on hvmsocmail-then the sign for at-gmail-dot-com with a few details about your interest in HVM and whereabouts you are I’ll get your membership put through. Thanks for going to this trouble, it is much appreciated! All the best, Niall

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