In Praise of Simple Fare

“How, I wonder, have I refrained so long from praising bread, cheese and beer, the most delicious, satisfying food that can pass the parched gullet of a wayfarer! Fat men in saloon cars can nose the French menus for Sole Colbert or Bordelaise, and for the many dishonest hashes devised by otherwise honest English cooks, but when I am hungry and the white road lies behind me mile on mile, give me bread, cheese and beer.”

HV Morton, “In Search of England” (1927), chapter 7, section 3


September 28, 2013 · 9:52 am

2 responses to “In Praise of Simple Fare

  1. Peter

    How true, Niall – but I think I prefer bread, cheese and wine!

  2. I don’t know – simple food at the pub, sitting outdoors with a pint of draft beer takes a lot of beating. I’m with HVM on this one, although I may have to do some first-hand research this lunch time just to be certain.
    Talking of foodie references, one of my early inspirations for my love of cooking was one of your fellow countrymen – remember Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet? 70’s classic cuisine!

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